Laser or Inkjet Fax Machine?

A fax machine or facsimile has been around the last several decades. Even with today's email system, it is still an important piece of office equipment. It seems people are more confident on a hard copy print out than relying purely on digital email.  There are 2 types of fax machines, the Laser Fax and The Inkjet fax.

Choosing a fax machine can be a challenging task. This article will list 3 important questions to ask before choosing which fax machine to rent.

1) Is the facsimile meant for heavy or light usage? If you are renting for light use, an inkjet fax machine will be sufficient. When choosing for heavy office use, it is recommended to go with a laser machine mainly due to its reliability, speed and supplies cost.

2) What is the volume of faxes received a day? When choosing a machine for faxing needs, the volume of faxes received a day plays an important factor. If you are receiving less than 25 faxes a day, go with an inkjet fax machine. If you are receiving more than 50 faxes a day, choose a laser one instead.

3) Finally, the budget you set aside to rent a fax machine will play a big role. If you plan on using the fax machine as a copier as well, which most fax machines have the capability of doing, you should choose the laser fax.  The supplies cost for the inkjet fax is usually two to three times that of the laser fax.

Laser and Inkjet Fax Machines manufactured by Hewlett Packard, Panasonic and Brother are available at daily, weekly and monthly rental rates.